25+ High Paying Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs : Earn Money For Free.

Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs is a great opportunity for the absolute beginner to make faster bucks on his bank account.

Many affiliate marketers often ask, how can I make money for free without conversion or sales?

Selling products on behalf of another means affiliate marketing. Sometimes we can generate income without selling but by signing up on a specific platform.

Here in this article, we are going to be showing you 25+ pay-per-lead affiliate programs. Not only that, we are going to provide you with the real definition of it with the full marketing tips of your affiliate link. Stay tuned!

What Is Pay Per Lead?

Pay per lead is a type of affiliate partnership where an advertiser paid out a certain amount or to an affiliate depending on the number of successfully generated leads. A successful lead can be a potential purchaser. The rating of a lead depends on how much he preferred to be a paying buyer.

Pay per lead is a payment method for an online affiliate partnership where a marketer pays to an affiliate for every successfully generating lead which followed the advertising agreement which has given by an advertiser or marketer.

It is an excellent method for affiliate marketing programs where a remunerative commission layout forms. To get successful leads action includes –

  1. Signing up for a free trial
  2. Requesting Email
  3. Creating Account
  4. Requesting Demo
  5. Downloading a particular software.

Types Of Pay Per Lead

Well, it is significant to know the types of pay per sign or lead affiliate programs. There has mainly two types of it. Here you are –

  • Pay Per Lead (PPL)– This program denotes when someone becomes a perspective of a company by providing his information through your affiliate link. Like – Name, E-mail address, Phone Number, Credit or debit card number (it’s not needed to purchase anything using a card). You will get paid by that company.

You can earn a huge amount of money from CPL. But, you need to get traffic to your affiliate link, and in the last part of this article, you will know how to promote it (The Blast Method).

  • Pay Per Clicks (PPC)– The acronym sounds crazy but you can make a lot of it by this type of affiliate program. You just need to get visitors to your link. When someone clicks on your link and enters the company’s website. The company tracks it and pays you.
    For that, there’s no need to sign up or fulfill the requirement of a lead. Boom!

pay per lead

Now, It is necessary to know – how to get paid and when you will get paid? Let’s move forth.

When You Will Be Paid?

It depends on companies policies. They may pay to affiliate every day or even every week or quarter. But most of the companies out there, pay their affiliate every month, I can say from my experience.

How they track your reference. It’s so easy, they provide you a special link when you sign up as an affiliate. When visitors come to their website through your referral link, they save the cookie of the visitors’ browser. And finally, they will pay you according to the commission rate of their affiliate or associate.

How can you scale your up money from pay per lead to pay per action? I mean how can your referred visitors become a buyer? Why do you need this? Because when someone buys through your referral link you will earn more commission than free sign up.

To scale up the commission, you need to read the marketing tips of your affiliate link. Where you will learn how to promote affiliate links to the targeted audience as well as more sales.

High Paying Pay Per Lead/Sign Up Affiliate Programs

Here you will learn commission rate, cookie as well as quick brief of this company or service. Here you are –

Constant Contact

This is also an email marketing software that helps in creating emails and sending them to the consumer. It helps marketers to create an eye-catching lucrative email to make a conversion.

They also pay $5 for every signup. Their cookie duration is 30 days. Their affiliate networks are CJ and Impact.


This tool is necessary for every voice artist, YouTuber, and podcaster. Because it reduces noises from the background and delivers human voice only.

They are paying a $0.50 commission rate with 90 days cookie duration. The cookie duration is massive. They are in the CJ affiliate network.


It is accounting software for small businesses out there. This helps users to manage receipts, send invoices, track time, file expenses, and so on.

They are providing 5 dollar payouts to their affiliate for free signup. You can check that out. You can promote it to your local businesses. We will be talking about the promotion of affiliate links in the last part of our article.

Their cookie duration is 120 days. You can be an affiliate of them via the ShareASale network.


Freshdesk is an excellent software for small to medium categorized institutions that in different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Web, and so on.

It is also a customer support software where a customer can easily communicate with an institution or vice-versa.

An affiliate gets $5 for each lead and the most valuable commission is up to 25% for beginning year payments. But the commission is not constant but also increases yearly according to sales amount.


Wow, it is quite similar to Freshbooks. It is accounting software for individuals and businesses to stay organized, save time, and get paid.

They also provide $5 for every free signup and the cookie duration is 30 days. They are in the CJ affiliate network.


This is an interesting affiliate program for health niche bloggers. In this platform, doctors provide health tips and exercise according to patient desire.

You can make 8 dollars per lead. So hurry up without delay.


Skillshare provides online courses by experts who are willing to share expertise. Various free and paid courses are offered by Skillshare such as writing, art, design, photography, lifestyle, etc.

Impact Radius manages this affiliate program where the commission rate is $7 for each signup and a 1month cookie duration


ClickFunnels is a software and also an affiliate program. While affiliate programs ClickFunnels pays $1 per lead. But it has a great chance to earn more than thousands if the lead continues as a customer. Criteria of ClickFunnels-

  • ClickFunnels pays $1 for ExpertSecrets, CopywritingSecrets, etc free book and pays for shipping of referral.
  • ClickFunnels start marketing with lead. When the ClickFunnels membership becomes expires they have to pay a recurring commission of 30-40%.
  • You will get 100% commission if your lead buys high-paying affiliate products that cost $100.


This is an online learning platform. During Corona, distance learning becomes more popular, and every online teaching platform got so many students.

This website provides its affiliates $5 for the lead.

Front Point Security

This is an electric device that helps the home stay away from thieves. Besides, this DIY security system can work on fire explosions, carbon monoxide, any unauthorized entry via sensor. So, it is a basic need for every homeowner and you can promote it to most of the people in front of you.

They are paying 175 dollars to their affiliate with 20 days cookie duration. If you get a sale every day via your link, you are supposed to leave your job.


They were in the great demanded business ever. But when Elon Musk developed Tesla, it loosened its necessity. However, they are providing services like solar solutions in the house even house battery backup.

They also provide solar panel service for different types of vehicles even for hikers too.

Their affiliate commission is higher than most of the affiliate programs. They provide 75 dollars with 45 days cookie duration.


GoDaddy is one of the largest companies for web hosting and domain registration. Millions of people around the world connected with GoDaddy. You will earn $2 pay per lead. Also, you will get a commission on each purchased package, and the commission increases when the number of leads becomes increases.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning helps to develop skills by sharing courses. These courses are conducted by business, creative, technical, and writing experts.  They provide an affiliate software which is FlexOffers. In LinkedIn learning an affiliate get $8 for each successfully generated lead.


CreativeLive is an online skill-developing platform where more than 1500 free and paid courses are available such as Photography, Video editing, Art and Design, etc. Here you will get $1 for each free sign-up along with 20% on purchase courses by customers.


Ginger is rectifying program which rectifies everything related to writing such as spelling, structure, grammatical errors, punctuations, etc. You will earn $0.2 per subscription in ginger and also get a 30-40% commission on a paid subscription.


Writers and linguists developed this affiliate program to emend punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes. The software contains 250+ grammar rules to rectify the error.

There are a large number of people who use Grammarly for free. Visitors who sign up in Grammarly for free and get a $25 instant bonus that is paid by PayPal. $0.20 cost per lead.


Software for property management companies. Buildium offers to an affiliate to earn $10 for each free sign-up. Also, an affiliate earns 20-25% commission on each subscription.

Amazon Business UK

Amazon Business provides customers worldwide and their services are as convenient and fast as the customers desire. You will earn £25 for each lead.

888 Casino

888 Casino is one of the most known brand names in the field of online gaming and gambling. it’s a UK-based service. If the new player has been accepted via your affiliate link and made their first deposit, you will be paid.

They offer £100 per lead and their cookie duration is permanent.

Rank Pay

Rank pay is an SEO company that helps your web Webb pay for an affiliate $25 for each signup but it reaches up to $50 when you complete 20 sign up a month.

Also if you sign up directly on their website as an affiliate you will get 10-20% recurring commission if the customers stay for a long time to get their services.


Leaf Filter is an affiliate program managed by CJ affiliates. In this affiliate, customers get warranties for life on all services.

Leaf Filter affiliate earns $17 on each free link generated. The earning increases according to the number of leads. If they more the commission you will get more.

Freepayperlead is one of the easiest affiliate programs that are free to enter and register. The commission of this program depends on the number of successfully generated leads.

The commission rate is $8 per lead. So if you generate 5 leads in a day you will get $40 that would be $1200 in a month. is supported almost all over the world and is good to use for beginners.


1Password is a password-managing affiliate program that helps to fill, store, secure passwords automatically. The affiliate program manages on CJ Affiliate. You will earn $2 on each generating lead.

Web Wealth System

Web Wealth System is excellent program advice for beginners who are trying to involved with marketing. You will earn 1$ for each subscription and paid by PayPal. The registration fee is $27 and has a greater opportunity for an affiliate program.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is the largest peddle in North America that supplies natural gas, home services, and electricity. You will get a commission of $40 for each lead.

1st Class Medical

Human health is a very big niche. When it comes to respiratory problems then oxygen supply is needed. And 1st class medical supplies portable oxygen concentration for respiratory ill people who are suffering from cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) need this indeed.

You can promote it to them and for every lead, you will get paid 20 dollars. The cookie duration is 30 days.

Merchant Equipment Store

Merchant Equipment Store which offers payment by accepting credit cards and prices are closed to wholesale. It provides an online form to fill for customers where an affiliate gets $20 for each customer. Later an affiliate gets a 3% commission on purchases of equipment.

Yelp For Business

Yelp for business is an excellent affiliate program where millions of people are connected.  It is for small business management where it gives opportunities for investment of Capital. Yelp for Business provides $60 for each lead to an affiliate. 7days Cookie duration in Yelp to Business.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pay Per Lead Or Sign Up Affiliate

Advantages Of Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs:

Other than all affiliate programs pay per lead is one of the best to get a gross commission to give you a great advantage when you get a potential lead for a marketer?

There are some advantages of pay per lead.-

  • Easy to operate: It’s easier than another affiliate program to bring a lead. Here no complications with fees for signing up or downloading software or making the purchase of a course.
  • Good for Traffic: It doesn’t make the traffic to a potential lead when they face an unfamiliar system or they can’t engage there easily. Whereas Pay per lead affiliate programs is mostly an easy way to engage the audience. As a result, a company can get more potential leads by an affiliate and also can achieve trust and market their courses or products easily.
  • Various earning ways: It is one kind of secondary or passive earning system. When you get more potential leads there many of them can be regular customers that bring extra commissions for you.
  • Well earning: Undoubtedly it is the best advantage of pay-per-lead affiliate programs. If you can make adequate traffic, you will get more potential leads or regular customers. But you get paid well according to potential leads or traffic who send to the marketer or advertiser.
  • Sustainability: If you get more leads that to keep your earnings sustainable or increase your earnings in this way.

Disadvantages Of Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs:

Though every affiliate program has many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. They are –

  • Inconsistency: Although you get more from getting potential leads in the pay-per-lead affiliate program comparatively this earning amount on the number of leads is less than the traditional affiliate programs. Sometimes earnings drastically when traffic becomes slack.
  • Supplementary income source: Pay-per-lead affiliate programs do not bring you a large amount that you can only depend on it. Earning depend on sales of goods from valuable leads. That does not provide you large bucks but c as a supplementary income process.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing Tips

Here I will show you the exact step-by-step affiliate marketing method. By following this strategy you will get more traffic and push them to your affiliate link.

(I will say those traffic method secrets that are the blasts).

As I have mentioned how to scale up commission rather than paying for signup. Read carefully and apply it right now. The 80/20 method you should follow. 20% percent of learning and 80% of implementing all learning.

  • Start a Blog– Blog is not only a platform where you will get visitors but also imposes them to purchase. Because in your blog you write niche-targeted SEO optimized articles and it will be ranked on google. Many people search on the Google search bar to know in-depth about any specific products or software or courses.

If articles provide them best value, they will be ready to purchase without a doubt. So, you will not only get paid for signup but also get paid for the sale. This is the ideal method to promote links and get free traffic and earn a commission.

  • Answering People Questions– I think, this is a faster method to get traffic to your affiliate links. There are a bunch of questions answering platforms like –,,, etc.

You have to find out your niche targeted questions and answer all of them as much as you can. It’s not recommended to just share affiliate links without providing value to the consumers.

Because it will not make any sense to the visitors to take action to sign up and become a lead. Besides, many platforms will ban you when you do spam.

However, after providing answers you might redirect them to affiliate links or even to your blog.

  • Creating YouTube Channel– I think you are known for the reach of YouTube videos. You can create a YouTube channel and provide value to your audience. Finally, tell them to action via your link.

For example- if you are digital marketing You tuber, you can send your audience to sign up at constant contact. As constant contact is laying for free sign up, you may say your audience sign up for free. When they will sign up over there, you will get $5. So simple, so easy.

  • Create PDF– You can provide a blueprint to your audience and put your affiliate link over here.
  • Social Share– You can free visitors from your social media friends and audience. It’s free and you can check it out.
  • Paid Method– If you are an absolute beginner, I don’t recommend this. Why? You may have no money to invest. If you have then you can. But I think, first try the free things and then go for paid advertising method.
  • Share Your Blog Article– You can share your review or affiliate link containing articles on,, where you will get targeted people to sign up.


Affiliate marketing is not so hard, how you are thinking. Just do it. Start a blog and publish quality content and bring real organic traffic to your site. Just signup properly on and get your link and promote it through the above methods. You will succeed.


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